Journalism on Kickstarter

by CBJ

This week we take a look at how journalism is doing on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. This summer Kickstarter added an official category for journalism as well as linking up with The Guardian who now hosts a curating page on the Kickstarter site, where the newspaper picks out noteworthy and interesting journalistic projects. Crowdfunding has proven to be a sometimes very effective way of funding and realizing journalistic ideas and projects, from single articles to radio stations and platforms. That being said, it’s no picnic getting people to cough up the money. Laura Shin from has written this great guide for people who wish to crowdfund a journalistic project.

But now let’s have a look at Kickstarter. The site has a neat stats section that forms the basis for our info graphic below. As you can see, the most funded project in the ‘Journalism’ category is the longform project Matter, which is of special interest to this blog. Among other longform projects on Kickstarter are Narratively and The Big Roundtable. The former received §53,739 on a $50,000 pledge and the latter received $19,219 on a $5,000 pledge.

NOTE: We’ve only extracted data from the category ‘Journalism’. However there are also categories such as ‘Radio & Podcast’ that contains journalistic projects such as ‘Radiotopia’ and ’99 % invisible’ that have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding.