Digital in-depth will look into new ways of producing and publishing longform and feature-journalism online, as well as different business models for this type of journalism.

The competition in the news business is fierce and with online communities like Twitter and Reddit, a singular event can become viral in a matter of minutes. We would like to explore the field of “slow” journalism, which offers a unique perspective and food for thought in response to the fast paced online news. Currently, it appears as though people are actually willing to read +5.000 word stories on their smartphones. The Internet, new digital technology and devices provide a variety of possibilities, and there is no restriction in terms of length plus the storytelling can be enhanced in many ways.

Digital in-depth is primarily aimed towards journalists and people in the media industry to whom we wish to provide an overview of the developments and changes in digital journalism. The blog of course is also open to those with an interest in in-depth journalism and new ways of exploring digital storytelling //